Monday, May 26, 2014

I really need to update this blog more. At some point I will upload a bunch of pics of my Empire army. For now, here is one. A follower of my youtube channel needed a picture of my great swords.

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  1. Hey OnceBitten,

    I am a big follower of your Youtube channel. Because I do not want to create an account there (don't want to give to much information and data to Google), I use your blog to give some feedback.

    I (re-)started to play Warhammer one and a half year ago and since then I checked your channel almost every day for new reports, because they are simply the best and the most likeable. Your whole manner and the interaction with your opponents is highly exemplary and fair and your thinking about the game is brilliant and motivating to go deeper into it. So your reports have become a very appreciated part of my every day life and turned me into a very involved player.

    Now, Malorian meantioned that you have some kind of burnout and are not continuing the channel as it was. I told my wife some time ago, that you look somehow exhausted and tired in the latest videos and that it was very different in the older onces. So - also missing your reports very much - I think taking a step back is not the worst decision.
    There is a lot of feedback, trying to bring you back. And I appreciate this in two ways: First, I'd like very much to see new reports and, secondly, I think it might be a good way of overcoming a depressing phase in life, that we all have sometimes.
    But still I think it is not up to us (and definitly not on egoistic purpose) to talk you into something. You should do whatever fits into your life and mood - knowing that your reporting on Youtube is highly rewarded and an inspiring part of the Warhammer community.

    All the best,